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99 Names of Allah Horizontal

A magnificent, high-end wall hanging made of delicate Moirétextile with an exquisite blend of hand e..

Ex Tax: 300.000JOD

99 Names of Allah on Glass

A resourceful, extravagant Islamic wall hanging featuring the 99 holy names of Allah on glass, while..

Ex Tax: 500.000JOD

99 Names of Allah Vertical

A magnificent, rich wall hanging made of Moiré textile with an exquisite blend of hand embroidered ..

Ex Tax: 300.000JOD

A Set of The Evil Eye on Glass

An impressive, up-scale wall hanging displaying an oriental drawing of the evil eye on glass, while ..

80.000JOD 40.000JOD
Ex Tax: 40.000JOD

A Set of The Evil Eye on Wood

An elegant, hand painted glass base affixed to the wood surface, featuring a set of the evil eye. Th..

70.000JOD 35.000JOD
Ex Tax: 35.000JOD

Al-Falaq on Wood and Fabric

A creative wall art combines between Moiré textile base and a beech wood frame, displaying Arabic c..

150.000JOD 100.000JOD
Ex Tax: 100.000JOD

Al-Mu’awwidhat Set of Three

An elegant wall hanger displaying Arabic calligraphy of Al-Mu’awwidhat from the Holy Quran on Moire’..

450.000JOD 225.000JOD
Ex Tax: 225.000JOD

Al-Mu’awwidhat Three Piece

A distinctive, three-piece wall hanging would make a beautiful addition to an Islamic Gallery Wall o..

275.000JOD 99.000JOD
Ex Tax: 99.000JOD

Al-Salam Cushion

A square shape cushion cover consists of one or two colors incorporated within the design, along wit..

Ex Tax: 40.000JOD

Al-Salam Dessert Stand

An Acrylic stand holding four tempered glass containers designed to contain dates, walnut, dried fru..

Ex Tax: 75.000JOD

Al-Salam Multi-Purpose Box

An Acrylic base multi-purpose serving box with four partitions that can be used as a simple tea box ..

Ex Tax: 40.000JOD

Al-Salam Tablecloth

A square shape made of Linen textile. This item consists of two to three colors incorporated within ..

Ex Tax: 80.000JOD

Al-Salam Tea and Coffee Stand

An Acrylic coffee stand holding 3 glass containers for Nescafe/coffee mate/sugar and two side contai..

Ex Tax: 85.000JOD

Al-Salam Tissue Cover Box

An Acrylic base with Top made of wood and styled with stones and ceramic...

Ex Tax: 40.000JOD

Alhamdulillah on Glass

An elegant hand painted glass work displaying the words Alhamdulillah, meaning: “Praise be to Allah”..

70.000JOD 35.000JOD
Ex Tax: 35.000JOD