An elegant hand-embroidered bookmark in the shape of a traditional Bedouin male figure.This indicati..
Ex Tax: 5.00JOD
A unique handmade cushion cover with a traditional Bedouin male figure hand-embroidered on the cente..
Ex Tax: 35.00JOD
A stylish notebook featuring a traditional Bedouin male figure hand-embroidered on a handcrafted cov..
Ex Tax: 25.00JOD
A practical handmade pencil case made of Linen textile with a traditional Bedouin male figure hand-e..
Ex Tax: 15.00JOD
A high quality set of 2 hand towels made of Egyptian cotton with a unique traditional Bedouin f..
Ex Tax: 25.00JOD
An exquisite wall hanger displaying all 99 names of Almighty Allah.This wall hanger is handcrafted a..
Ex Tax: 300.00JOD
A resourceful Islamic piece of work, displaying the 99 names of Almighty Allah on a piece of glass w..
Ex Tax: 500.00JOD
A classic wall hanger featuring the 99 Holy Names of Almighty Allah.This handcrafted wall hanger is ..
Ex Tax: 300.00JOD
An artistic hand painted glass work displaying the hand of Fatima featuring a beech wooden frame.A m..
Ex Tax: 80.00JOD
An elegant hand painted woodwork displaying a set of the evil eye. This work of art is hand drawn on..
Ex Tax: 70.00JOD
A quality craftsmanship go-everywhere clutch made of Linen textile featuring a traditional hand..
Ex Tax: 30.00JOD
A handmade go-everywhere clutch made of Linen textile.Suits any age and occasion, great idea for a g..
Ex Tax: 30.00JOD
A customizable cover made of Jordanian Hatta fabric. The fabric is highly durable and dry clean frie..
Ex Tax: 20.00JOD
A combination of wood and fabric wall hanger, displaying Arabic calligraphy of Surah Al-Falaq from t..
Ex Tax: 150.00JOD
An elegant wall hanger displaying Arabic calligraphy of Al-Mu’awwidhat from the Holy Quran on Moire’..
Ex Tax: 450.00JOD