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What is the origin of your beautiful designs?

" May Batt " is inspired in her work by old Jordanian folklore in embroidery and sewing skills. We have  alot of modern pieces but all handmade with care with eatern touch added to them.Local artisans working with fabrics of the region produce our top quality finished  items at our own workshop.

How do you ensure quality of items delivered?

Please be certain that the quality assurance procedures we undertake are serious and very strickd. We look into each piece produced by its own , check it thoroughly and guarantee it's exactly what you have ordered and in perfect condition.

Do I have to order a minimum quantity?

Nope! You can order any available quantity you want.

What is your policy on returns and exchanges?

As we ship from Amman - Jordan, shipping back to us may be costly for you. If you are ready to pay for it both ways and you make sure that we receive the items in perfect condition, we don't mind exchanging the product for you.

Can I make a special request or item customization?

Yes, of course. And we have a lot of customized orders at our showroom. Let us know what you want and we will come back to you with our suggestions, production time needed, and a cost estimate. Use our inquiry form or contact us at info@mixanmatch.com.

Why to register an account with you?

Every time you come back to buy one or more of our nice items, we use your free account so not to waste your time filling your information again and again. Your account will hold your information in a safe place. See our Privacy Policy.

I forgot my account password?

Submit your name and e-mail address at Change Password Form. We will create a new password for your account and send it to your e-mail address as we can't (and nobody can) know or decrypt your forgotten password!

I changed the e-mail address used in my account?

Submit your old e-mail address, password, and new e-mail address at Change E-mail Form. Your e-mail address will be updated immediately and a confirmation message will be sent to your new e-mail address.

How to edit my account information?

Click on "my account" at bottom of any page, sign-in using your E-mail and Password, then make required changes to your account information.

Do you keep my personal information? will you give it out?

We will never ever exploit your privacy in anyway. Your account will hold your information in a safe place. And, we contact only who wants us to. Please, read our Privacy Policy.

Do you do whole Sale?

We supply a good number of outlets in and outside Jordan with our products, in a good variety but small quantities. If you are interested in reselling our items at your shop or at an event bazaar in your area, send us a summery about yourself and what you have in mind using our inquiry form, and we will get back to you.

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